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Leading young people to Christ and training them for service.


What’s New

AMP Leadership Summit

Held on Sept. 24-26, 2021 with the theme, “Power Beyond Our Walls.” Watch or rewatch the power-packed messages and workshops. Learn more…

WWWJ Pathfinder Evangelism

Pathfinders are invited to take part in the Walking and Working With Jesus (WWWJ) Evangelism Initiative. Learn more…

Pathfinder Strong Reels

Submit your creative videos and be a part of this Pathfinder digital ministry. Content creators, animators, and video editors are needed.

Pathfinder Basic Staff Training

This is required for all Pathfinder club leaders and a prerequisite to the Master Guide course.

Online Resources

Please find helpful online resources for club ministries especially during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. Be safe!

Preparation for the BTP Camporee 2024

Start preparing your club for the 2024 Believe the Promise Int’l Camporee. Learn more..


Pathfinder Scholarship

Will you be attending University or College this Fall? Are you currently involved in Pathfinder Ministry?


If so, avail of the scholarship grant the Ontario Conference Pathfinder Ministry by applying.


Canadian National Pathfinder #Connected Virtual Camporee

Relive the experience. Watch again the programs for your spiritual inspiration. Stay #connected with God, His Church, and the Community.

watch againAUGUST 4-8, 2021